Big Bucks Still Showing up at RR Ranch

By Derek PalmerNovember 12th, 2011Deer Pics, Hunting3 Comments

The huge trophy whitetails are still showing up on RR Ranch. Great job David and Paul!

  1. Paul Farris says:

    Awesome Deer!
    Awesome Hunt!
    Awesome Ranch!

  2. David K says:

    Paul: congrats on that monster buck !!! I was starting to worry that u would miss your chance at a trophy, but ur patience paid off and you got The One you were chasing…awesome!

    • Rubya says:

      Thats a damn fine buck, he suhold be proud that he killed it. You never forget your first buck. Killing a deer with a bow is very challenging and rewarding, nothing to be ashamed of there.

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